High Definition Flexo Printer for Color Carton better than offset printer

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High Definition Flexo Printer for Color Carton better than offset printer

QYMW1270 High Definition Flexo Printer with Servo Feeder

  1. Printer characteristics

The QYKM series of high speed flexo ink corrugated cardboard printing, slotting, die cutting machine is designed for high precision printing with a max DPI of 500-600. These models of printing machine for intended for high quality printing operations with lower speed requirements with a 180pcs/min output. This flexo printer slotter die cutter comes in 6 different color options.

No. ParameterName Unit QYMW1270*2200 QYMW1270*2500 QYMW1270*2800
1 Width of inside machine mm 2400 2700 3000
2 Design Speed pieces/min 180 180 180
3 Nax feeding size mm 1200*2200 1200*2700 1200*2800
4 min feeding size mm 400*700 400*700 400*700
5 skip feeding mm 1600*2200 1600*2500 1600*2800
6 max printing area mm 1150*1850 1150*2150 1150*2450
7 precision of precess printing(five color) mm ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
8 thickness of standard printing blank mm 7.2 7.2 7.2
9 thickness of printing paperboard mm 3–11 3–11 3–11
10 printing roller axle circle-oriented regulating degree 360°运转 revolving 360°运转 revolving 360°运转 revolving
11 printing roller axle oriented regulating mm ±10 ±10 ±10
12 max die cutting size mm 1200*2150 1200*2450 1200*2750
13 die cutter thickness mm 3–8 3–8 3–8
14 die cutter precision mm ±1 ±1 ±1
15 total power(four/five/six color) kw 178/190/202 178/190/202 178/190/202
16 Four Color mm 9000*4600*3060 9000*4900*3060 9000*5200*3060
Five Color mm 9600*4600*3060 9600*4900*3060 9600*5200*3060
Six Color mm 10200*4600*3060 10200*4900*3060 10200*5200*3060

2.Lead edge feeding unit

  • Servo Lead edge feeder system

Adopt triplex row feeding wheel , three groups Germany “REXROTH” servo system,separate drive , non-gear box wear , long life , high precision. Back shield up and down , moving is electric , adjusting easy and accuracy .Adopt double row feeding ,large tension ,make sure the large size carton printing with skip feeding suction and return to zero device. The host adopt synchronous belt transmission, transmission balance, can absorb vibration, low noise, economic operation, etc

1) Servo auto feeder allows for free pressing feeding.

2) Touch screen interface to show and operate the machine with PLC to communicate with other units.

3) Equipped with an absorption vacuum auxiliary system to ensure a smooth paper feed.

4) Equipped with a counting device and a protective motor starting unit.

5) Electric adjustment of the front, back, left and right baffle.
3. Printing unit

The table space with electric adjustment, PLC control digital display, the feed rollers with new ceramic grinding process, minimal wear, friction, long life;platen roller adopts a seal between the baffle to ensure the vacuum pressure between the units and the shaft attached to the electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism;Work table adopt high pressure centrifugal fan, by the inverter to control the size of the wind, the bellows damper size can be automatically controlled to achieve the role of trace amounts of correction; Printing roll through dynamic and static balance correction, hard chrome plating and grinding;Roller tracking stopper double protection, sliding with electric adjustment, and an automatic return of function; Ink with automatic leveling, automatic leveling shutdown ink to prevent ink drying affect print quality; Scraper system used by the Sun’s color master single blade system;The two-way pneumatic diaphragm pumps, ink supply amount is controlled by PLC, automatic cleaning cycle and ink

1) Vacuum type paper feeding unit.

2) The printing phase is servo controlled with a ceramic feeding wheel, featuring a long useful life.Steady vacuum paperboard feed with no need for auxiliary pulling paper cushion.

3) Color doctor blade designed by SUN Automation allows for more clear and high quality printing effects.The printing plate roller pahse and lateral adjustment are electrically controlled by PLC.

4)ColorMaster Single Blade System from Sun Automation.Each anilox roller is integrated with one set of Colormaster single blade system, which ensures that only ink in the cells is transferred to the plant, achieving the high-definition graphic printing.

  1. Heating and Drying unit

Independent drying system adopts infrared mode, fast drying water-based ink printing surface to avoid the phenomenon out of ink. The drying area is divided into three sections, adjustable range, energy conservation. Electrically adjustment clearance table and drying system. Ultraviolet drying unit is optional for water-based ink and UV oil ink, avoid dragging phenomenon when die cutting.

1) Smooth paperboard delivery via vacuum transmission.

2) Quickly heats paperboard after printing to improve machine speed and printing quality.

3) The heating unit prevents dust from the slotting and die cutting enter into printing unit.

4) Infrared and ultraviolet drying methods available to choose from.

  1. Die cutting Unit

Adopt separate double servo drive, make sure synchronous with printing unit. The paper guide roller and lower shaft gap adopt two-way self-locking device, digital display; Die board roller is controlled by independent servo roll (excellent roller pads) may at any time amend. Die rolls from Germany “Rexroth” servo motor control, reducing the transmission link error; The phase adjustment device directly by the servo motor, the exact place.

  • Die cutting phase adopts a computerized digital control.
    2) The knife mold roller lateral movement adopts an electric adjustment, adjusting range is ±10mm.
    3) Rubber roller and knife mold roller gap are electronically adjusted.
    4) Knife mold roller is independently servo motor driven.
    5) Rubber roller linear speed auto compensation device.
    6) Independent servo drive with high precision and efficiency.
  1. Stacking department

Bin arm using pneumatic operation, manual control; The bed platform lift, strong chain drive, the drive motor attached to the brake function; Stacking is equipped with a flat wrinkles climbing belt and steel clamping device, so that the stacking order and tidy with pneumatic anti decline devices to ensure operator safety; Hold paper feeder can be adjusted to hold the opening width, with a batch accumulation function; The use of side shoot baffles to ensure more orderly stacked cardboard;  Electric enforce the use of PLC programming control, independent of the operating electric box; The device is equipped with a lateral row of wast.

1) Platform rises up and down with safety features to protect the operator.

2) Frequency conversion adjustment of the speed drive.

3) The receiving paper belt adopts vacuum absorption transmission neatly stack the paperboard.

4) Fan and brush work together to clear scraps from the slotting unit and die cutting unit.

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